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    Clinical Observation of 2 Cases of Recurrent Breast Cancer Treated by Hyperthermia Combined with Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

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马燕凌,孙建海,晏菲:湖北省中山医院肿瘤科,湖北 武汉

热疗乳腺癌皮肤转移灶Hyperthermia Breast Cancer Skin Metastasis



Background: Hyperthermia is widely used in the treatment of some malignant tumors, especially for the tumor patients who are not sensitive to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The sensitivity of tumor patients to conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be improved by the aid of hyperthermia. Case Report: We reported two cases of recurrent breast cancer after radical mas-tectomy, found in the subcutaneous superficial soft tissue in the axillary region, and the effect of chemotherapy on the recurrence and metastasis was not obvious. Subsequently, we combined with the application of radiotherapy and chemotherapy; the tumor cells were significantly reduced, and the pathological biopsy showed obvious necrosis of tumor cells. Patients’ quality of life has been improved. Conclusion: Hyperthermia can effectively improve the sensitivity of conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy in some tumors, and provide new therapeutic approach for the treatment of cancer patients with no sensitiveness.

马燕凌, 孙建海, 晏菲. 热疗联合放化疗治疗乳腺癌皮肤复发病例2例临床病理观察[J]. 亚洲肿瘤科病例研究, 2015, 4(3): 15-19.


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