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教育进展 Vol.9 No.4, July 22 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/AE.2019.94077

《Information Systems Research》1998~2017文献计量分析—基于Citespace可视图谱
Bibliometrics Analysis of Information Systems Research during 1998~2017—Based on Citespace Viewable Spectrum

, 李 鹏 下载量: 712  浏览量: 1,250  

社会科学前沿 Vol.7 No.9, September 13 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/ASS.2018.79225

Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign MOOCs Literature

, 灿灿 下载量: 402  浏览量: 1,231   国家科技经费支持

教育进展 Vol.9 No.3, May 29 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/AE.2019.93064

《MIS Quarterly》1998~2017载文可视化图谱分析
Visualization Map Analysis of MIS Quarterly during 1998-2017

, 灿灿 下载量: 589  浏览量: 1,091  

社会科学前沿 Vol.7 No.7, July 31 2018, PDF, DOI:10.12677/ASS.2018.77164

Demodulation for Bipolar Pulse Modulation under Pulse Interference

, 乐南 下载量: 1,117  浏览量: 2,673  

无线通信 Vol.7 No.1, February 20 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/HJWC.2017.71003

A Study on the Differences between Teachers and Students in the Influencing Factors of Teaching Evaluation in Universities

, 刘丽雪 下载量: 6  浏览量: 30   科研立项经费支持

社会科学前沿 Vol.9 No.9, September 25 2020, PDF, DOI:10.12677/ASS.2020.99200

The Impact of Social Media Dependency on Online Participation and Offline Communication

, 黄傲斌 下载量: 532  浏览量: 1,651   科研立项经费支持

新闻传播科学 Vol.7 No.2, July 31 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/JC.2019.72002

A Study on Customer Satisfaction Model of Shared Cycling

, 陈斯琪 下载量: 1,889  浏览量: 5,358  

社会科学前沿 Vol.6 No.8, August 22 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ASS.2017.68156

Research on E-Commerce Live Streaming Based on the Information System Success Model—Taobao E-Commerce Live Streaming as an Example

, 宫春雨 下载量: 2,041  浏览量: 5,638  

商业全球化 Vol.5 No.3, July 27 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/BGlo.2017.53006

Research on Influencing Factors of Users’ Continuance Intention toward Taobao Live Streaming

, 周燕楠 下载量: 1,769  浏览量: 5,279  

电子商务评论 Vol.6 No.3, July 11 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ECL.2017.63007

中国农民工社会保障研究现状、热点及趋势——基于Cite Space的文献计量学研究
Research Status, Hotspots and Evolution of Study on Social Security for Peasant Workers in China—Bibliometrics Research Based on CiteSpace

彭 程, , 下载量: 450  浏览量: 766  

社会科学前沿 Vol.8 No.6, June 26 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/ASS.2019.86145

Research on the Influence Mechanism of Performance Feedback on Counter-Productive Behavior

宋 雨, 李旻慧, , 下载量: 145  浏览量: 358   科研立项经费支持

现代管理 Vol.10 No.2, April 7 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/MM.2020.102026

Research on Microblog Emotional Expression Based on Media System Dependence Perspective—Taking “Hangzhou Nanny Arson” as an Example

, 王毓芳, 蔡建宇 下载量: 455  浏览量: 3,417  

社会科学前沿 Vol.7 No.10, October 29 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/ASS.2018.710253

Reservoir Feature of the Middle-Deep Strata in Suning-Dawangzhuang District of Jizhong and Its Influencing Factors

魏一, 健平, 王宏霞 下载量: 1,720  浏览量: 4,570  

地球科学前沿 Vol.5 No.6, December 31 2015, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/AG.2015.56046

L-Arginine Combined with Docetaxel Inhibiting Lung Cancer

, 魏 亮, , 张 东, 祖元刚, 姜守刚 下载量: 110  浏览量: 204  

临床医学进展 Vol.10 No.5, May 13 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/ACM.2020.105115

Method for Water Sensitive System Evaluation and Study on Water Sensitivity Mechanism

广, 赵海建, , 张 博, 王春林 下载量: 873  浏览量: 1,498  

石油天然气学报 Vol.40 No.4, August 15 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/JOGT.2018.404096

Research on Crack Retarding Structure and Material for Asphalt Pavement in Old Road Widening

张 巍, 侯继文, 自涛, 滕海, 孙长虹, 陈 超 下载量: 805  浏览量: 2,430  

土木工程 Vol.7 No.3, May 15 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/HJCE.2018.73043

Effect of Anionic-Nonionic Mixed Surfactants on Uptake of Organochlorine Pesticides from Soil by Alfalfa

林 静, 周溶, 卫红, 谢正苗 下载量: 2,161  浏览量: 7,448   国家自然科学基金支持

环境保护前沿 Vol.4 No.6, December 1 2014, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/AEP.2014.46029

Analysis of Climate Background and Characteristics in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region during 1982-2010

王书, 云龙, 向 亮, 牛树倩 下载量: 2,594  浏览量: 7,785   科研立项经费支持

气候变化研究快报 Vol.3 No.4, October 23 2014, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/CCRL.2014.34024

Atomic Structure of Self-Assembled BPT Molecular Monolayer

舒淼, 太权, 周洋, , 林津伊 下载量: 2,742  浏览量: 10,791   国家自然科学基金支持

应用物理 Vol.2 No.1, January 18 2012, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/app.2012.21003

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