HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/HJFNS.2019.84029

A Brief Discussion on the Feasibility Study of the Performance of Recycled Concrete Permeable Pavement

姚 伟, , 王 林 下载量: 511  浏览量: 1,911   科研立项经费支持

土木工程 Vol.8 No.2, February 3 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/HJCE.2019.82020

The Influence of the Degree of Event’s Impact on Depression and Suicidal Ideation among College Students—A Series of Mediating Effects of Brooding of Rumination and Interpersonal Attribution

, 刘 世宏 下载量: 776  浏览量: 1,217  

心理学进展 Vol.8 No.9, September 25 2018, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/AP.2018.89160

Analysis of Static Performance in the Construction Process of Concrete Arch Bridge of Upper-Carrying Steel Pipe under the Action of Wind Load

仁智 下载量: 224  浏览量: 1,199  

土木工程 Vol.8 No.9, November 26 2019, PDF, DOI:10.12677/HJCE.2019.89158

The Implementation of Network Time Synchronization Based on NTP for Radio and TV Broadcast Network

李 岩, 下载量: 2,106  浏览量: 5,859  

无线通信 Vol.4 No.6, November 27 2014, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/HJWC.2014.46017

Study on Pure Mechanical Scouring Behavior of Electric Submersible Pump Suction Material

段 铮, , 黄 军立, 荣 杰 下载量: 380  浏览量: 1,813  

石油天然气学报 Vol.41 No.1, February 15 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/JOGT.2019.411009

Application of Integrated Geophysical Methods in Urban Sewage Pipe Exploration

拉依丁 •地克, 于 鹏 下载量: 1,274  浏览量: 3,245  

矿山工程 Vol.4 No.4, October 10 2016, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ME.2016.44020

Smart Grid Payment Scheme Based on Ring Signature and Certificateless Signature

王 玮, 曲 海鹏, 尚 鹏, 下载量: 2,177  浏览量: 10,369  

智能电网 Vol.5 No.1, January 22 2015, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/SG.2015.51003

Study on Sustainable Development of World Heritage Sites in Sichuan

, 范 文静, 孙 克勤 下载量: 3,605  浏览量: 9,675   国家科技经费支持

可持续发展 Vol.2 No.2, April 27 2012, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/sd.2012.22010

Particle Filter Tracking Based on Feature Fusion

徐 国寒, 下载量: 71  浏览量: 135  

计算机科学与应用 Vol.10 No.5, May 25 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/CSA.2020.105105

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