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Optimization Analysis of Heat Pump Driven by Steam Turbine Using Finite Time Thermodynamic Approach

赵麒, 谭羽飞, 下载量: 2,674  浏览量: 8,145  

动力系统与控制 Vol.2 No.1, January 29 2013, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/DSC.2013.21004

Study on the Effect of Psychological Contract Violation on Counter-Productive Behavior——With Psychological Capital as a Moderator

陈维政, , 黄丽 下载量: 3,708  浏览量: 15,072   国家自然科学基金支持

心理学进展 Vol.2 No.1, January 19 2012, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ap.2012.21004

Orthotropic Transplantation to Establish H22 Hepatocellular Carcinoma Model in Mice

, 恒孝, 朝霞 下载量: 2,584  浏览量: 9,640   国家自然科学基金支持

世界肿瘤研究 Vol.5 No.1, January 12 2015, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/WJCR.2015.51003

Study on How to Reduce the Cost of Geotechnical Engineering Construction and Broaden the Ways of Enterprise Revenue Increment

路德富, 志红, 下载量: 2,538  浏览量: 5,395  

土木工程 Vol.2 No.2, May 13 2013, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/HJCE.2013.22021

The Comparison between “Guo2” and “Shitakotogaaru” in the Perfect Tense in Attributive Clauses ——A Study Based on the CJCS

下载量: 1,969  浏览量: 5,387   科研立项经费支持

现代语言学 Vol.2 No.2, May 30 2014, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/ML.2014.22011

Research Progress on Anti-Tumor Active Ingredients and Anti-Tumor Mechanism of Cordyceps militaris

项 婷, , 沈建福, 超然 下载量: 422  浏览量: 1,359  

食品与营养科学 Vol.8 No.4, November 8 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/HJFNS.2019.84034

Investigation and Analysis of Agronomic Characters of Some Trial Millet Cultivars Planted in Chengde Area

, 史慎奎, 春芳 下载量: 587  浏览量: 1,291   科研立项经费支持

农业科学 Vol.9 No.4, April 12 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/HJAS.2019.94035

Preparation and Properties of Superhydrophobic Coating Based on Marble Powder

沈子, 沈勃旭, 世锋 下载量: 795  浏览量: 2,189  

纳米技术 Vol.8 No.1, February 27 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/NAT.2018.81001

Reactive Power Optimization Control Strategy of DFIG and SVC in Doubly-Fed Wind Farm

, 刘文颖, 曾文伟, 夏 鹏, 汪宁渤, , 下载量: 937  浏览量: 2,367   国家自然科学基金支持

智能电网 Vol.7 No.4, July 19 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/SG.2017.74025

The Relationship between Undergraduate Students’ Creative Ability, Career Self-Management and Employ Ability

下载量: 1,036  浏览量: 4,650  

社会科学前沿 Vol.6 No.7, July 26 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ASS.2017.67138

The Research on Knowledge Employees’ Career Self-Management

下载量: 3,322  浏览量: 11,250   国家自然科学基金支持

心理学进展 Vol.2 No.1, January 19 2012, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ap.2012.21002

The Maximal Wiener Index of UnicyclicGraph with Given Diameter and Order

惠敏, 元培, 曹陈, 孙 强 下载量: 156  浏览量: 2,062   国家自然科学基金支持

应用数学进展 Vol.9 No.3, March 16 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/AAM.2020.93038

Causes and Treatment and Prevention of Early Postoperative Massive Hemorrhage after the Abdominal Procedure

, 黄瀚章, 周 峰, 鹏飞, 韩少良 下载量: 1,018  浏览量: 2,378  

亚洲外科手术病例研究 Vol.6 No.3, September 20 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ACRS.2017.63003

Double Thyroid and Breast Cancer: A Report of 4 Cases and Literature Analysis

, 黄瀚章, 周 峰, 鹏飞, 韩少良 下载量: 980  浏览量: 2,099  

亚洲肿瘤科病例研究 Vol.6 No.4, August 23 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ACRPO.2017.64004

Surgical Treatment and Prophylactic Bowel Stoma for Acute Obstruction of Left Colorectal Carcinoma

, 黄瀚章, 周 峰, 鹏飞, 韩少良 下载量: 971  浏览量: 2,210  

亚洲肿瘤科病例研究 Vol.6 No.2, July 24 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ACRPO.2017.62002

Analysis of Fluctuation Characteristics and Effect Factors of Grid Loss Based on Large-Scale Wind Power Integration

曾文伟, 刘文颖, , 维洲, , 郑晶晶 下载量: 882  浏览量: 1,562   国家自然科学基金支持

智能电网 Vol.7 No.3, June 28 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/SG.2017.73021

Survey on the Use of Knowledge Payment Platform in Six Districts of Xiamen

姗婷, 傅颖金, 黄雪玲, 下载量: 169  浏览量: 1,090  

统计学与应用 Vol.9 No.2, March 25 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/SA.2020.92016

Effect of Filling and Grouting Reinforcement on Deep Foundation Pit Support Structure and Adjacent Tunnels

李安兴, 李杨秋, 燕增, 唐耿 下载量: 415  浏览量: 596   科研立项经费支持

土木工程 Vol.8 No.3, May 28 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/HJCE.2019.83095

Expression of SNAT3 in Colorectal Cancer Tissues and Its Relationship with Clinicopathological Biological Features

何 宇, 余育俊, 黄瀚章, , 黄国裕, 韩少良 下载量: 543  浏览量: 1,235  

世界肿瘤研究 Vol.8 No.4, October 18 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/WJCR.2018.84023

The Magnus Effect of a Specific Axisymmetric Rotator’s Motion in the Air

泽国, 刘汉, 关鸣悦, 林 方 下载量: 1,184  浏览量: 4,367  

力学研究 Vol.6 No.1, March 21 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/IJM.2017.61001

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