XML DOI:10.12677/SE.2012.23009

Two Kinds of Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Fuel Cycle Models Analysis of the Economy

胡平, , 唐贞鹏, 严舟 下载量: 2,245  浏览量: 6,100   国家科技经费支持

可持续能源 Vol.2 No.3, July 25 2012, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/SE.2012.23010

The Application of Seismic Sedimentology in the Study of Sedimentary Facies in Niger Delta

下载量: 746  浏览量: 3,458   国家科技经费支持

石油天然气学报 Vol.39 No.3, June 15 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/JOGT.2017.393025

Research on the Impact of Financial Asset Classification on Earnings Management from the Perspective of Accounting Standards Change

余中, 下载量: 553  浏览量: 1,224  

国际会计前沿 Vol.7 No.4, December 13 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/FIA.2018.74010

An Empirical Study of the Intention Model and Affecting Factors of Online Book Buyers in Chinese Social Context

, 下载量: 3,391  浏览量: 10,390   国家自然科学基金支持

服务科学和管理 Vol.2 No.1, February 26 2013, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/SSEM.2013.21001

Efficacy and Safety of Sacubitril-Valsartan in the Treatment of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

陆燕莉, 下载量: 45  浏览量: 231  

临床医学进展 Vol.10 No.7, July 21 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/ACM.2020.107204

Synoptic Analysis of a Rainstorm Process in Beijing in Mid-July 2018

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气候变化研究快报 Vol.8 No.6, November 18 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/CCRL.2019.86086

Smooth Solutions of an Iterative Functional Differential Equation

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理论数学 Vol.2 No.3, July 27 2012, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/PM.2012.23022

A Earing Control Method for 3104 Aluminum Alloy Sheet through Cold Rolling Texture Modification

胡卓超, , 左良, 下载量: 3,026  浏览量: 8,565  

材料科学 Vol.1 No.3, October 28 2011, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ms.2011.13018

Problems and Countermeasures of Professional Courses Development for Engineering Management in Universities

, 下载量: 264  浏览量: 1,089  

创新教育研究 Vol.7 No.6, December 23 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/CES.2019.76137

Application of Smartphone APP to Field Investigation of Chinese Materia Medica Resources Survey

, 温学森 下载量: 110  浏览量: 396   科研立项经费支持

中医学 Vol.9 No.3, April 14 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/TCM.2020.93034

The Existence of Positive Solutions for Singular Semi-Positive Non-Local Boundary Value Problems with Nonlinear Term Depending on Derivatives

, 于秀洁 下载量: 499  浏览量: 649   科研立项经费支持

应用数学进展 Vol.7 No.8, August 27 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/AAM.2018.78120

Study on the Evaluation and Influencing Factors of Graduates’ Employment Quality—Taking Graduates from Five Universities of Guangdong Province for Example

郑彬, 下载量: 1,145  浏览量: 1,656  

管理科学与工程 Vol.6 No.1, March 23 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/MSE.2017.61003

Grey Relational Analysis on Influencing Factors on Online Shopping

郑 彬, 下载量: 1,528  浏览量: 3,348   科研立项经费支持

现代市场营销 Vol.7 No.1, February 23 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/MOM.2017.71005

Tracheal Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Complicated with Cerebral Infarction during Tracheal Artery Embolization: A Case Report

晓军, 严桥路, 何连 下载量: 147  浏览量: 217  

临床医学进展 Vol.10 No.3, March 11 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/ACM.2020.103032

Study on the Relationship between Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Thyroid Hormone

晓军, 严桥路, 何连 下载量: 193  浏览量: 330  

临床医学进展 Vol.10 No.3, March 10 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/ACM.2020.103031

Characteristics and Main Controlling Factors of High-Quality Reservoirs in the 1st Member of Shaximiao Formation, Longgang Area, Central Sichuan

任 杰, , 覃斌传, 吕正祥 下载量: 150  浏览量: 279  

石油天然气学报 Vol.42 No.1, March 4 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/JOGT.2020.421001

Reinforcement Design and Finite Element Analysis of a Frame Structure with Storey-Adding

雅慧, 孙跃东, 程光 下载量: 262  浏览量: 434  

土木工程 Vol.8 No.10, December 23 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/HJCE.2019.810170

Cirrus Properties Based on Micro Pulse Lidar over Beijing Region

王 敏, 胡 春, , 王 杰 下载量: 418  浏览量: 764  

光电子 Vol.9 No.1, March 26 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/OE.2019.91006

Temporal and Spatial Distributions of Cloud in China Region in Recent 60 Years

王 敏, 胡 春, , 王 杰 下载量: 449  浏览量: 1,303  

气候变化研究快报 Vol.8 No.2, March 20 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/CCRL.2019.82026

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