target="_blank"> Vol.8 No.4, 全文下载: PDF HTML XML DOI:10.12677/AEP.2018.84036, August 2 2018


The Study of the Subserosal Decollement in LC for the Severe Acute Cholecystitis

陈 生贵, 琼芳, 李 劲, 张 乙, 王 俊, 齐 锐, 杨 茂辉, 徐 杰 下载量: 1,213  浏览量: 3,473  

Hans Journal of Surgery Vol.5 No.2, 全文下载: PDF HTML XML DOI:10.12677/HJS.2016.52006, May 27 2016


Analysis on the Characteristics of the Change Trend of Growing Season in Henan Province

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Geographical Science Research Vol.8 No.4, 全文下载: PDF HTML XML DOI:10.12677/GSER.2019.84039, November 26 2019


Mathematical Model of Acid Rock Reaction in the Process of CO2 Huff and Puff Stimulation of Horizontal Wells in High Water Cut

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Journal of Oil and Gas Technology Vol.38 No.3, 全文下载: PDF HTML XML DOI:10.12677/JOGT.2016.383026, September 30 2016


Establishment of a Cochlear Intoxication Model and Investigation on Peripheral Coding and Recognition of Ultrasonic Signals

王 富, 成成, 李 铁刚, 李 倩, 张 少燕, 曾 新宇, 王 朝燕 下载量: 469  浏览量: 1,695   科研立项经费支持

Advances in Clinical Medicine Vol.8 No.2, 全文下载: PDF HTML XML DOI:10.12677/ACM.2018.82029, April 18 2018

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