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    Theoretical Research on Kα X-Rays of Highly Ionized Manganese Ion

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李会丽,金国华,周 丽:江西中医药大学,计算机学院,南昌

高离化锰离子谱线性质 Highly Ionized; Mn Ion; Spectrum Properties


基于相对论组态相互作用和多组态Dirac-Fock (MCDF)方法,我们系统地研究和讨论了Ka谱线类氦到类铍的跃迁能级,跃迁几率,吸收振子强度和线强度的性质。组态相互作用计算包括Breit相互作用,量子电动力学修正。我们的理论数据与可得到的实验数据(类氦和类锂)符合得很好,这些数据为等离子体锰离子的研究提供了有价值的信息。

By using relativistic configuration interaction (RCI) and multi-configuration Dirac-Fock (MCDF) method, we have calculated the transition energies, transition probabilities, absorption oscillator strengths and line strengths Kα X-ray from MnXVII through XXIV. Furthermore, configuration interaction includes Berit interaction and quantum elec- trodynamics (QED) corrections. Our calculated results are compared with the other available data on He-like and Li-like manganese and are in accord with them. The present wide range data are useful for studying manganese plasma.


李会丽, 金国华, 周丽. 高离化态Mn离子的Kα谱线性质的理论研究[J]. 应用物理, 2013, 3(7): 134-140.


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