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    The Molecular Dynamics Simulation on the Diamond-Like Carbon Films

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杜敏永,张 铭,魏纪周,邓浩亮,楚上杰:北京工业大学,材料科学与工程学院,北京;
任 坤:北京工业大学,电子信息与工程学院,北京

类金刚石薄膜分子动力学模拟原子相互作用势Diamond-Like Carbon Films Molecular Dynamics Simulation Interatomic Potentials



The research and application of the diamond-like carbon films are very extensive since it was found due to the superior properties. Therefore, we had begun to study using molecular simulation methods in order to get better properties and explore better structure as early as the 1980s. In this background, the paper describes the development of the case of the diamond-like carbon films’ study, and gives a brief summary for the representative study of each period. Then, we point out some of the key issues that the diamond-like simulation faces and give the prospect for its future development at the end of this paper.

杜敏永, 张铭, 魏纪周, 邓浩亮, 楚上杰, 任坤. 类金刚石薄膜的分子动力学研究[J]. 材料科学, 2014, 4(4): 145-151.


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