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    A Study of International Students’ Perceptions of China and the Chinese

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留学生看法问卷调查International Student Perception Survey Study



This paper reports on the results of a study of international students’ perceptions of China and the Chinese. 232 international students studying in a university in Beijing participated in the present study. Analyses of the mixed-form survey data revealed the following findings: 1) More than half of the participants held positive attitudes towards China and the Chinese, and 2) They believed that China and the Chinese had many problems. These findings indicate that, as China develops fast and has more communication with the world, foreigners come to know more about China and the Chi-nese. Based on the findings, some implications are discussed.

刘梅华, 程伟民. 国际留学生对中国和中国人的看法之调查研究[J]. 社会科学前沿, 2016, 5(1): 54-60.


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