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    Laser Optimum High Repetition Rate Research for Spaceborne Single Photon 3D Imaging Laser Radar System

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李 鑫,宋 涛,邓小飞,刘 阳:上海卫星工程研究所,上海

激光雷达三维成像单光子探测高重频Laser Radar 3D Imaging Single Photon Detection High Repetition Rate



Spaceborne 3D imaging laser radar system takes full advantage of laser such as high energy density and good directivity, resulting in attractive feature of high imaging resolution, which has outstand-ing value in military and commercial applications. Subject to the limited power of spaceborne laser, it is necessary to adopt single photon detection due to the extremely long link distance. For single photon detection system, multi pulse detection can improve the detection probability. High reple-tion rate laser is one of the key technologies, and the current highest repletion rate of solid state la-ser is about several kHz. In this paper, the model of optimum laser repletion rate is built with con-sideration of satellite orbit velocity, orbit height, and system surface resolution. What is achieved in this dissertation contributes to the spaceborne 3D imaging laser radar system optimal design.

李鑫, 宋涛, 邓小飞, 刘阳. 天基单光子三维成像激光雷达系统中激光器高重频优化研究[J]. 无线通信, 2016, 6(6): 142-150. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/HJWC.2016.66018


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