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    Geometric Phase in an Imaginary Photon Process

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几何相位推广的Jaynes-Cummings模型Geometric Phase Generalized Jaynes-Cummings Model


利用Lewis-Riesenfeld不变量理论,研究了推广的含时二能级虚光子过程的 Jaynes-Cummings模型。发现周期情况下的几何相位与光子场的频率、光子和原子之间的耦合系数以及原子跃迁频率无关。

By using the Lewis-Riesenfeld invariant theory, we have studied the geometric phase in a generalized time-dependent Jaynes-Cummings model with imaginary photon process for two-level atoms interacting with light field. It is found that the geometric phase in a cycle case has nothing to do with the frequency of the photon field, the coupling coefficient between photons and atoms, and the atom transition frequency.

乔元新, 于肇贤. 虚光子过程中的几何相位[J]. 现代物理, 2017, 7(4): 148-154.


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