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    Update on Collagen Peptide in Sports Nutrition

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胶原蛋白肽运动营养运动营养食品Collagen Peptides Sports Nutrition Sports Nutrition Food



Athletes, who ingest special nutrients, can play their maximum exercise capacity. In recent years, sports nutrition studies found that collagen peptides with high absorption and utilization have a protein and amino acid nutrition properties and polypeptides effects with biologically active. Not only collagen peptides can maintain nitrogen balance, preserve lean body tissue, increase muscle mass and muscle strength, reduce fat tissue, and increase synthesis of creatine, but also collagen peptides can reduce joint pain and improve joint function, help athletes to enhance athletic performance, and contribute to prevention of female athletes triple syndrome. Collagen peptide is better than the commonly used sports nutrition whey protein and whey protein hydrolyzate, and it is a great development potential sports nutrition food.

周建烈. 胶原蛋白肽的运动营养研究进展[J]. 食品与营养科学, 2017, 6(4): 209-214. https://doi.org/10.12677/HJFNS.2017.64026


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