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    Design of the High Compatibility Fractal Array Bionic Antenna

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林斌,刘泽泰,张颖,沈少东,魏昕煜,郑萍,张培涛:厦门大学嘉庚学院,信息科学与技术学院,福建 漳州

移动通信射频识别超宽带系统移动数字电视蝶形仿生天线希尔伯特分形阵列Mobile Communication Radio Frequency Identification Ultra Wideband System Mobile Digital TV Butterfly Shaped Bionic Antenna Hilbert Fractal Array



According to the requirements of the mobile communication system, radio frequency identifica-tion system, ultra wideband system and the mobile digital TV system to the antenna’s perfor-mance, the present paper originally combined butterfly shaped bionic antenna and Hilbert fractal array, designed a high compatibility fractal array bionic antenna, fabricated the antenna sample and tested the radiation characteristics of the antenna. The result of test indicate that this antenna completely covered all working frequency bands of the second generation to the fifth generation mobile communication, the frequency bands of the radio frequency identification system, the frequency band of ultra wideband system, and the frequency band of the mobile digital TV system. The smart terminal using this antenna will have many functions, such as mobile communication, radio frequency card read and write, ultra wideband transmission, mobile digital TV and so on, and this antenna has great potential for application.

林斌, 刘泽泰, 张颖, 沈少东, 魏昕煜, 郑萍, 张培涛. 高兼容性分形阵列仿生天线设计[J]. 无线通信, 2017, 7(5): 170-177. https://doi.org/10.12677/HJWC.2017.75021


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