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    Probabilistic Remote State Preparation of an Arbitrary Two-Qubit State via Two Three-Qubit Partially Entangled States

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唐永旺,郭克坤,徐 东:信息工程大学信息系统工程学院,河南 郑州;
石 磊,魏家华:空军工程大学信息与导航学院,陕西 西安

远程态制备成功概率纠缠通道Quantum Remote Preparation Successful Probability Quantum Channel



In this paper, we presented a novel scheme for probabilistic remote preparation of arbitrary two-qubit state via two three-qubit GHZ states. Any auxiliary particles need not to be introduced in our proposal. The total successful probability is equal to the square of the norm of the minimum amplitude coefficients of the partially entangled channel. The concrete processe of this scheme is presented via some appropriate local unitary operations and measurement basis. When quantum channel is composed of two three-qubit maximally entangled states, the successful probability is equal to 1/4.

徐毅琼, 唐永旺, 郭克坤, 徐东, 石磊, 魏家华. 基于三粒子非最大纠缠态的两粒子概率远程态制备[J]. 现代物理, 2017, 7(6): 269-272.


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