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Weinberg, M., LeMelle, S. and Ranz, J. (2014) Psychiatry residents’ perception of public/community psychiatry fellowship training. Community Mental Health Journal, 50, 6-9. /10.1007/s10597-013-9637-z


  • 标题: 模拟病例教学法在外科学见习教学中的应用研究Application of Simulated Case Teaching Method in Surgery Probation Teaching

    作者: 董昆, 肖楠, 梁自乾, 刘强

    关键字: 模拟病例, 外科学, 医学教育Simulated Case, Surgery, Medical Education

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.5 No.4, 2015-07-13

    摘要: 目的:评价模拟病例教学法在外科学教学中的效果。方法:随机将广西医科大学2012级本科生100名分为两组,实验组在传统教学内容中引入模拟病案教学,每3个课时利用30分钟进行分组讨论,由组内成员模拟提出一个已学疾病的主诉症状,全组讨论分析诊疗原则,最后由教师总结。学期末评价教学质量和学生的外科学成绩。结果:统计学生参与的教学评分,实验组启发性、兴趣性、实践能力方面的比较高于对照组,P Objective: To evaluate the effect of simulated case teaching method used in the surgery education. Methods: 100 freshmen of Guangxi Medical University were divided randomly into two groups. Simulated case teaching was introduced based on the traditional teaching in the experimental group, and in every 3 classes 30 minutes were used for group discussion. One member of a group simulated symptoms of the disease, and then the whole group discussed and analyzed the principle of diagnosis and treatment. Finally the teacher summed up the points. At the end of the term, the quality of teaching and the students’ surgery results were evaluated. Results: Scores of inspiration, interest, and practical ability of students who participated in the experimental group were higher than those of the control group, P