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范士喜 (2010) 数字媒体技术专业实践教学模式探讨. 中国人工智能学会智能数字内容安全专业委员会, 第二届全国数字媒体技术专业规范建设研讨会论文集, 北京, 中国人工智能学会智能数字内容安全专业委员会, 4, 36-38.


  • 标题: 独立院校数字媒体技术专业实践性教学的构建A Study on the Construction of Practical Teaching of the Major of Digital Media Technology in Independent Colleges

    作者: 高飞, 董焕芝, 朱耀庭

    关键字: 实践教学, 独立院校, 数字媒体技术专业Practical Teaching, Independent College, The Major of Digital Media Technology

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.5 No.5, 2015-09-01

    摘要: 我国独立学院校数字媒体技术专业人才的培养定位多以培养具有合理知识结构的应用型人才为主,然而由于独立院校建校时间较短,其教学管理经验和教学体系构建并不成熟,该专业以何种模式培养具有数字媒体技术信息加工和处理能力的高素质应用型人才成为各院校研究和探讨的焦点之一。本文对实践教学环节特点、数字媒体技术专业实践教学构建模式以及南开大学滨海学院数字媒体技术专业在实践教学环节的探索和措施进行阐述。 The major of Digital Media Technology of independent college in China mainly aims to train ap-plied talents with reasonable knowledge structure, while the experience of teaching management and the construction of teaching system of independent colleges are not well organized due to their short history. Therefore, the question of what method this major can use to educate high quality applied talents with the ability of processing digital media information becomes the focus of research and discussion in independent colleges. This paper provides elaboration on the characteristics of practical teaching, the construction mode of practical teaching of the major of Digital Media Technology, and the exploration and measure of practical teaching of the major of Digital Media Technology in Binhai College, Nankai University.