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Malley, M.E. (2001) Methodology for simulating the joint strike fighter’s (JSF) prognostics and health management system. Master’s Thesis, Air Force Institute of Technology, Dayton.


  • 标题: 装备故障预测与健康管理体系结构及其关键技术研究Research on Architecture and Key Technology of Fault Prognostics and Health Management for Equipment

    作者: 齐子元, 张进秋, 马朝

    关键字: 故障诊断, 维修, 预测与健康管理Fault Diagnosis; Maintain; Prognostics and Health Management

    期刊名称: 《Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research》, Vol.2 No.4, 2013-11-12

    摘要: 故障预测和健康管理(PHM)技术是复杂的装备系统采用的便于测试和维修诊断的一种革新方案,是实现其经济可承受性的关键技术,本文结合PHM技术在降低装备保障维修费用方面的明显优势,在深入探讨了PHM技术的概念和内涵的基础上,建立了PHM系统的开放式体系结构框架,并对框架中包含的七个模块进行了分析;概述了PHM技术的研究和应用现状,重点研究了实现装备故障预测与健康管理的关键技术和主要实现方法,包括传感器与信号处理技术、故障诊断与状态监测技术、健康性能评估技术、状态预测技术和智能决策和健康管理技术等,最后总结了PHM技术的特点和发展趋势。>Fault prognostics and health management (PHM) technology is an innovative solution for the complex equipment system which is convenient to test and repair in the diagnosis and it is the key technology to achieve economic affordability. Combining the advantage of PHM technology in reducing equipment maintenance costs, on the basis of discussing the concept and connotation of PHM technology, this paper establishes and analyzes open architecture framework which contains seven modules for PHM system. Also, PHM technology research and application are summarized with the focus on the implementation method and key technology for equipment PHM, including the sensor and signal processing technology, fault diagnosis, condition monitoring technology, health & performance evaluation technology, condition forecasting technology, intelligent decision technology and health management technology, etc. Finally, the characteristics and development trend of PHM technology are summarized.