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  • 标题: 无线移动技术在数据中心管理中的应用Wireless Mobile Technology Application on Data Center Management

    作者: 张云生

    关键字: 移动通信, 数据中心, 运行管理Mobile Communication, Data Center, Operation and Management

    期刊名称: 《Hans Journal of Wireless Communications》, Vol.4 No.2, 2014-04-25

    摘要: 随着近年来信息化的高速发展,各单位的数据中心的设备数量持续增加。目前,多数数据中心的系统级维护采用机柜式或单机KVM系统,这些工作只能在现场做。应用级维护主要采用Windows远程桌面等,需要依托于本地局域网,脱离本地局域网则维护工作无法进行。运行维护负担越来越重,已经成为许多单位不得不面对的问题。另一方面,无线移动技术在快速发展和普及,应用领域也日益扩大和延伸。借助于ATEN KN2132远程KVM控制机提供的网络功能,探索了用无线移动上网技术、手持无线智能终端技术等,实现对数据中心远程异地维护的几种方式,并对其功能和效果进行了评价。 With the rapid development of information technology, in recent years, the equipments in each data center continue to increase. At present, in most data centers, system level maintenance can only use machine cabinet KVM, and the work can only be done at the scene. Application level maintenance mainly adopts Windows remote desktop, etc., which need to rely on the local LAN. The burden of running maintenance is getting heavier and heavier, and has become a problem having to face. On the other hand, wireless mobile technology is being rapidly developed and popularized, and application field is also widened and extended. With the aid of network function that ATEN KVM2132 remote KVM control machine provided, several ways using wireless mobile Internet technology for remote maintenance of data center were explored. Its function and effect were evaluated.