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吴兑, 廖国莲, 邓雪娇, 毕雪岩, 谭浩波, 李菲, 蒋承霖, 夏冬, 范绍佳. 珠江三角洲霾天气的近地层输送条件研究[J]. 应用气象学报, 2008, 19(1): 1-9.


  • 标题: 北京春节烟花爆竹气象指数服务分析Analysis of Meteorological Index Service for Fireworks and Crackers during Spring Festival in Beijing

    作者: 丁德平, 季崇平, 孟燕军, 张姝丽

    关键字: 烟花燃放, 气象指数, 雾霾天气, 空气质量Setting off Fireworks; Meteorological Index; Fog and Haze Weather; Air Quality

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.3 No.2, 2013-06-25

    摘要: 2013年1月,北京遭遇了持续的雾霾天气,空气质量严重恶化。由于临近春节,是否应该限制燃放烟花爆竹以减轻对空气质量的影响,引发了社会各方的强烈关注和争论。2月5日,即北京市开始销售春节烟花爆竹的当天,北京市专业气象台通过媒体向社会推出了“烟花爆竹燃放气象指数”,并在春节期间通过多种服务手段对公众发布,指导市民在不利的气象条件下减少或不放鞭炮,引起众多媒体的迅速报道和正面评价。在市政府的大力倡导和广大市民的积极支持下,2013年春节期间,北京市实现了烟花爆竹销售量、火灾、人员伤情“三下降”,也减轻了对空气质量的不良影响。适时推出的“烟花爆竹气象指数”服务得到各级领导的肯定,取得了良好的社会效益。Beijing suffered sustained fog and haze weather causing serious deterioration of air quality in January 2003. With the approach of spring festival, in order to reduce the impact on air quality, whether setting off fireworks and crackers should be limited has aroused strong attention and heated arguments in society. The Beijing Specialized mete-orological Observatory announced “meteorological index of fireworks and crackers” to the public via social media while fireworks and crackers started selling on February 14 in Beijing. The Index was announced to public via service means during the spring festival and guided the citizens to reduce or stop setting off fireworks and crackers under the bad weather conditions,that was swiftly reported by numerous media and got good reviews. Under the strong advocacy of government and active support of the general public, the aim of reducing sell of fireworks and crackers, fire disaster and personnel casualties in Beijing has been achieved during the spring festival in 2013, and harmful effects on air quality has also been alleviated. The timely service of “meteorological index of fireworks and crackers” gained the ap-proval of the leaders at all levels and a better social benefit.