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陆敏, 张卫国, 师育新等. 太湖北部沉积物金属和营养元素的垂向变化及其影响因素[J]. 湖泊科学, 2004, 15(3): 213-220.


  • 标题: 湖泊沉积物的年代学研究方法在环境科学中的应用Applications of Lake Sediment Geochronology in Environmental Sciences

    作者: 贾滨洋, 吴艳宏, 伍碧

    关键字: 湖泊沉积, 年代学, 湖泊环境演变, 气候变化, 人类活动Lake Sediments; Geochronology; Environmental Evolution of Lakes; Climate Change; Human Activity

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.3 No.1, 2013-03-07

    摘要: 湖泊沉积物定年常用纹泥法、14C定年、210Pb、137Cs定年和古地磁法等。目前,国内外学者以湖泊沉积物定年为基础,对湖泊沉积速率、沉积通量及沉积物的沉积年代序列进行了大量研究,并结合多指标分析,研究了高分辨率的气候演变、不同湖泊的富营养化特征与过程、重金属及POPs来源及累积特征,辨别其对人类活动和气候变化的响应。沉积物年代学在环境科学应用中的主要发展前景包括:1) 进行区域乃至全球环境变化的联系和对比研究;2) 建立湖泊沉积记录与气候变化因子和人类活动指标的定量数学模式;3) 确定现代环境气候变化在变化周期中所处位置;4) 有效预测人类活动影响下的气候环境演变趋势。Varve dating, radiometric dating using 14C, 210Pb, and 137Cs, and paleomagnetic dating are common tech- niques used to determine the age of lake sediments. A lot of research has been done throughout the world over the sediment accumulation rates, fluxes, and sequences using such techniques. Researchers are trying to decide how the lakes respond to human activities and climate changes by studying highly defined climate changes and what have hap- pened to lakes in terms of eutrophication characteristics and processes, the sources and accumulations of heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Sediment geochronology offers great prospects for future environmental sci- ence studies: 1) uncovering the inter-connections and differences among local and global environmental changes; 2) establishing quantitative mathematical models to measure the relationship between sediment records, climate change factors, and human activities; 3) determining where we are now in the environmental climate change cycle; and 4) ef-fectively predicting the trend of climate environment changes under the influence of human activities.