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Jeong, H.S., Park, J.I. and Yum, B.J. (1996) Development of (r; T) hybrid sampling plans for exponential lifetime distributions. Journal of Applied Statistics, 23, 601-607.


  • 标题: 基于混合I型删失数据威布尔模型的可接受抽样计划Acceptance Sampling Plans with Type-I Hybrid Censoring Scheme of Weibull Distribution

    作者: 李嘉伟

    关键字: 最大似然估计, 混合I型删失, 消费者风险, 生产者风险MLE, Type-I Hybrid Censoring, Consumer Risk, Producer Risk

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Applied Mathematics》, Vol.3 No.4, 2014-11-06

    摘要: 寿命是产品质量的一个重要指标。根据产品的寿命指标,用于确定产品的接受程度的可靠性试验,被称为可接受抽样计划。本文研究了基于混合I型删失数据的威布尔模型可接受抽样计划。首先,我们给出了威布尔分布尺度参数最大似然估计的精确分布。进而根据枢轴量的精确分布,在消费者与生产者风险可控的条件下,我们给出了可接受抽样计划的执行方法。最后为了展示本文的方法,我们给出了一些可接受抽样计划的数值模拟结果。Lifetime is an important quality variable of a product. Sampling plans used to determine the ac-ceptability of a product, with respect to its lifetime, are known as acceptance sampling plans. In this paper, we discuss acceptance sampling plans of Weibull distribution with considering the Type-I hybrid censoring schemes. Firstly, we give the exact conditional distribution of the maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) of the scale parameter. Secondly, using the exact distribution of a pivotal quantity, we establish an acceptance sampling procedure satisfying the producer and consumer risks. Finally, some numerical results are tabulated for illustration.