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张祖海 (1990) 华南风化壳离子吸附型稀土矿床. 地质找矿论丛, 1, 57-71.


  • 标题: 赣南变质岩风化壳离子吸附型稀土矿找矿新前景The New Resources Prospect of Ion Adsorption Type Rare Earth Resources in Metamorphic Rock’s Weathering Crust, South Jiangxi

    作者: 刘仁生, 李强, 龚敏, 邹东风, 缪向亮, 刘茜

    关键字: 稀土, 离子吸附, 找矿远景, 赣南Rare Earth, Ion Adsorption, Resources Prospect, South Jiangxi

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.4 No.6, 2014-12-30

    摘要: 传统理论上一般认为离子吸附型稀土矿主要赋存于花岗岩、火山岩的风化壳中,本次在赣南地区的晚元古代青白口纪的浅变质岩系地层中,发现也含有较丰富的离子吸附型稀土矿,本次研究通过江西省宁都县某变质岩离子吸附型典型稀土矿点矿床特征的分析,总结了该类矿床的成矿地质特征,认为其成矿母岩为青白口纪神山组和库里组的浅变质岩,属离子吸附型轻稀土矿,渗透系数较花岗岩离子吸附型稀土矿小。通过系统调研,推测在矿区周边600平方千米范围的同类地层中,具有较好的成矿及找矿远景。 It is generally believed that the weathering crust ion adsorption type rare earth ore mainly occurs in the granite and volcano rock in traditional theory. In this research, we have found a new dis- covery in shallow metamorphic rock of Late Proterozoic Qingbaikou period in Gannan area. It also contains rich ion adsorption type rare earths resouce. In this study, we take a ion adsorption type rare earth ore of metamorphic rocks as an example in Ningdu County of Jiangxi Province. By the analysis of ion adsorption type typical rare earth ore deposit characteristics at a metamorphic rocks of Ningdu County in South Jiangxi Province, we summarize the metallogenic geological characteristics of the deposit. The ore-forming mother rock is the Qingbaikouan Kamiyama group shallow metamorphic rock. It belongs to the ion adsorption type light rare earth ore, compared with the granite ion adsorption type rare earth ore. Its permeability coefficient is small. Through the systematic research, it has good mineralization and prospecting in the similar strata of 600 square km range around mining area.