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Stangl, M. (2008) An alternative approach for the analysis of nonlinear vibrations of pipes conveying fluid. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 310, 493-422.


  • 标题: 发电机氢冷管道振动分析研究The Analysis of Generator Hydrogen-Cooled Piping Vibration

    作者: 姚武装

    关键字: 发电机氢冷管道, 振动, 激振力, 振动特性Generator Hydrogen-Cooled Pipeline, Vibration, Exciting Force, Vibration Characteristics

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.3 No.2, 2015-03-30

    摘要: 发电机氢冷管道振动对发电机及氢冷管道的正常安全运行产生极大的威胁,进而影响整个电厂运行的安全性和可靠性。为了保证发电机的安全运行,有必要对氢冷管道的振动机理进行分析研究。本文分析了管道振动的原因,认为发电机振动传递和管道设计不合理是引起氢冷管道振动的主要原因,并分别从消减管系激振力与改善管系振动特性两方面,提出了控制氢冷管道振动的措施,为电厂发电机氢冷管道振动治理提供了一定的技术支持。Generator hydrogen-cooled piping vibration produces great threat to the normal and safe operation of generator and hydrogen-cooled pipeline, furthermore affecting the safety and reliability of the power plant. To ensure the normal and safe operation of the generator, it is necessary to make analysis on the mechanism of hydrogen-cooled pipe vibration. This paper has analyzed the causes of pipeline vibrations and finds that generator vibration transmission and unreasonable piping design are the main cause of hydrogen-cooled piping vibration. The suggestion and measures that are piping exciting force reduction and piping vibration characteristics improvement to control hydrogen-cooled piping vibration are given. The study of this paper can provide technical support for hydrogen-cooled piping vibration treatment work in power plant.