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    A New Inverse Problem of Thickness Design for Bi-Layer Textile Material

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双层纺织材料厚度设计热湿传递反问题最大概率最小模 Bi-Layer Textiles; Thickness Design; Heat and Moisture Transfer; Inverse Problem; A Minimum Norm with a Maximum Probability



This paper studies a new inverse problem of estimating bi-layer textile fabrics thickness based on a steady-state heat and moisture transfer model. We first present a heat and moisture transfer model for bi-layer textile materials with boundary conditions and solve them by finite difference method. According to the requirement of clothing’s thermal and moisture comfort, we formulate the inverse heat and moisture transfer problem that estimate the thickness of inner fabric as a minimum norm problem with a maximum probability constraint model. We use a static penalty method to convert the constrained problem into an equivalent unconstrained minimization problem and obtain the solution for the optimization problem by a stochastic search method, known as particle swarm optimization algorithm. Numerical experiments show that our new model is quiet acceptable, and the proposed numerical method’s validity and robustness.

李向杰. 一类新的双层纺织材料厚度设计反问题[J]. 应用数学进展, 2013, 2(2): 89-97. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/AAM.2013.22012


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