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    Substrate-Revised Monod Equation——A New Model on Microorganism Growth

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微生物经典Monod方程修正Monod方程Microorganism; Original Monod Equation; Revised Monod Equation


As an empirical equation of describing microorganism growth feature, Monod equation has found wide spectrum of applications in engineering practices. Since classical Monod equation is restricted for the solution with high microorganism concentration and low substrate concentration, the substrate-revised Monod equation is proposed in the paper. Theoretical analyses and simulation results show that it can better describe the microorganism growth in situations of the high microorganism concentration and the low substrate concentration.

王俊博, 柴立和, 张宇. 经过基质修正的Monod方程——一个微生物生长的新模型[J]. 微生物前沿, 2013, 2(2): 49-52.


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