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    Studies on the New Treatment Method of Steel Pickling Liquid Waste

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喻德忠,王红力,刘 东:武汉工程大学化学与环境工程学院,武汉,中国

钢铁酸洗废液CaCl2FeCl2.4H2O处理Steel Picking Liquid Waste; CaCl2; FeCl2.4H2O; Treatment



A new method for a treatment of steel picking liquid waste was researched. For reduction of FeCl3 and removal of acid, a proper amount of iron and steel scrap were added to the acid picking wastewater, then CaCl2 was added to the wastewater to make Fe2+ precipitation by FeCl2·4H2O crystals. The FeCl2·4H2O crystals and filtrate could be got with filter and the crystals were sealed after drying treatment. Results of the experiments showed that: the removal rate of acid was more than 92%, the reduction rate of FeCl3 was more than 99%, the recovery rate of FeCl2 was 71.2%, the content of FeCl2 in FeCl2·4H2O crystals was 59%, the main impurities of FeCl3 and CaCl2 were 0.04% and 0.33%, respectively. The purity of the product FeCl2·4H2O arrived at industrial grade. A proper amount of CaO was added to the filtrate to neutralize the little acid, and finally CaCl2 solution could be recycled or discharged directly. The whole process without heating and had no acid gas pollution. Although the resource utilization rate of this method was slightly insufficient compared with the method of roasting, it had been greatly optimized compared with the traditional neutralization method. This method was of low investment, and technology was relatively simple, suitable for small and medium enterprises.

喻德忠, 王红力, 刘东. 钢铁酸洗废液处理新方法研究[J]. 环境保护前沿, 2014, 4(1): 8-12.


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