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    Stabilization of Differential Systems with Random Impulsive Effect

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脉冲微分系统P阶指数稳定性随机过程Lyapunov直接法充分条件Impulsive Differential System P-Moment Exponential Stability Stochastic Process Lyapunov’s Direct Method Sufficient Conditions



This paper studies the stability of impulsive differential systems when the pulses happen in the random time. Under the influence of random pulses, the solutions of impulsive differential equations become the stochastic processes, so the solutions are far different from the deterministic impulsive differential equations’. In this paper, we study how the random pulses affect the stability of the systems, and then the sufficient condition on P-moment stability is established.

韩文博, 高彩霞. 随机脉冲时刻下微分系统的稳定性[J]. 应用数学进展, 2014, 3(2): 85-90. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/AAM.2014.32013


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