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    Research on the Key Issues of Emotion Expressing Behavior of Multiple Aerial Robots

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李 盟:天津城建大学,天津

空中机器人协同情感表达Aerial Robots Collaboration Emotion Expression


本文在基于拉班运动分析(Laban Movement Analysis, LMA)的情感表达轨迹链自动设计方法的基础上,针对多空中机器人的情感表达问题,在情感表达中融入了队形因素,提出了基于队形变化的情感表达策略。针对多空中机器人舞蹈的同步性问题,本文提出了基于音乐特征的同步方法。本文以跟踪节拍的摆动运动为例,将节拍信号作为摆动运动的参考信号,通过相位比较器和修正算法修正相位和振幅误差,进行空中机器人基于运动轨迹的情感表达实验和多空中机器人基于音乐节拍的同步实验,验证了方法的正确性。

On the basis of the LMA based trajectory chain generating method, which can autonomously design certain trajectory chains for emotion expression, an emotional expressing strategy based on formation changes is mentioned after the formation factor is included in emotional expressing. Then, a synchronization method based on music characteristics is raised according to the syn-chronization issues of multiple aerial robots’ dancing. Taking the swing movement tracking beats as an example, the beat signal is regarded as reference signal of swing movement and the error of phase and amplitude is rectified according to phase comparator and regulated algorithm. Emo-tional expressing experiments based on movement trajectory and synchronization experiments based on music beat signal are conducted on the aerial robots’ platform and the validity of the method is proved.

李盟. 多空中机器人情感表达关键问题研究[J]. 人工智能与机器人研究, 2014, 3(4): 47-54.


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