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    A case of Canine Testicular Disseminated Malignant Seminoma

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精原细胞瘤睾丸H.E.染色Malignant Seminoma Testicular H & E Stain



A case of canine testicular disseminated malignant seminoma is reported. An 8-year-old male dog showed that the testis increased fast. Histopathological examination found masses of tumor cells derived from the germ cells that constitute the spermatogenic epithelium within the seminiferous tubules. Those tumor cells are in the similar shape forming broad sheets. These findings were con- sistent with all disseminated malignant seminoma.

付永瑶, 王继宏, 赵德明, 周向梅, 尹晓敏, 杨利峰. 犬睾丸弥散型恶性精原细胞瘤一例[J]. 亚洲兽医病例研究, 2014, 3(3): 20-23.


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