AEPE  >> Vol. 3 No. 3 (June 2015)

    Research on the Trial Operation Method of Backpressure Turbine without Heat Supply Network

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马晓珑,刘 辉,李文军,廖军林:西安热工研究院有限公司,陕西 西安;
解育才,曾 忠,陈洪良,周程放,李 凌:华能应城热电有限责任公司,湖北 应城

背压机组启动供热Backpressure Turbine Starting Heating



The back pressure turbine has high thermal efficiency, and it has been popular in recent years in small and medium-sized city cogeneration. But the heat supply network construction always lags behind the unit construction. To the back pressure turbine, it has some troubles on trial operation of the unit. In this paper, the study began with the effects of no heat supply network to the back pressure turbine, and analyzed a series of problems produced. Finally some reasonable trial op-eration schemes have been proposed to solve these problems. The research result has reference significance to the trial operation of the same type of unit.

马晓珑, 解育才, 刘辉, 曾忠, 陈洪良, 周程放, 李文军, 李凌, 廖军林. 无热网背压机组试运方法的研究[J]. 电力与能源进展, 2015, 3(3): 56-62.