AEP  >> Vol. 5 No. 3 (June 2015)

    Research and Experiment on Coagulation-Membrane Yeast Treatment for Wastewater Containing Potato Starch

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张立业:承德市环境科学研究院,河北 承德;
王尔新:承德石油高等专科学校体育健康与艺术教育部,河北 承德;
杨金尧:承德石油高等专科学校化学工程系,河北 承德

混凝膜酵母马铃薯淀粉废水Coagulation Membrane Yeast Wastewater Containing Potato Starch


马铃薯淀粉废水经过膜酵母反应器处理后出水COD有了较大比例的去除,但出水COD仍然较高,这样就给后续处理工艺带来潜在的压力。本研究主要通过对马铃薯淀粉废水水质特性分析和小试试验的驯化培养,有针对性地筛选出高效处理淀粉废水的酵母菌株。通过高效混合酵母菌株在连续运行状况下的参数优化,确定MYR的最佳控制参数为pH值为5,水力停留时间为24~28 h,温度为25℃~30℃,从而使整个处理系统能稳定运行。

Treated with the Membrane Yeast Reactor (MYR), the wastewater containing potato starch has its COD removed to a large extent. However, the concentration of COD remains high after treatment, which brings difficulties to following treatment steps. This paper presents a method to pick yeast strains that efficiently process wastewater through the analysis of wastewater quality and the cultivation and acclimation during pilot tests. Through parameter optimization of continuously operating, efficiently mixed yeast strains, this method ensures optimum controlled parameters of pH 5, hydraulic retention time of 24 - 28 h and temperature of 25˚C - 30˚C, and hence to ensure the stable operation of the entire system.

张立业, 王尔新, 杨金尧. 混凝–膜酵母组合工艺处理马铃薯淀粉废水实验研究[J]. 环境保护前沿, 2015, 5(3): 41-47.