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    The Further Discussion on the Problems for Origin of Matter Field

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陈方培:大连理工大学物理与光电技术学院,辽宁 大连

拉氏量物质场引力场能动张量密度守恒定律物质场起源Lagrangian Matter Field Gravitational Field Energy-Momentum Tensor Density Conservation Law Origin of Matter Field



From the Noether theorem of local Poincare’ transformation group for a physical system, the conservation laws of energy-momentum tensor density have been deduced in this paper; it is the Lorentz and Levi-Civita conservation laws of energy-momentum tensor density, which is more conducive to the study for the origin of matter field. This paper also points out the difficulty of the problem for the origin of matter field research unresolved.

陈方培. 物质场起源问题的再讨论[J]. 天文与天体物理, 2015, 3(4): 35-38. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/AAS.2015.34006