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    Distributed Strategies for Group-Balancing General Weighted Directed/Undirected Graphs

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杨繁,于俊燕,邵晋梁:电子科技大学,数学科学学院,四川 成都;
高玉兰:电子科技大学,通信抗干扰技术国际级重点实验室,四川 成都;

多智能体系统群一致性分布式算法群平衡有向/无向图Multi-Agent Systems Group Consensus Distributed Algorithms Group-Balance Directed/Undirected Graphs



A key problem of solving the consensus coordination control of multi-agent systems is to design appropriate protocols or algorithms which guarantee the agents reaching consensus. Although existing theoretical results have illustrated the balance conditions and the group-balance condi-tions are necessary when it comes to average consensus and group average consensus respectively, there are few results on how to balance and group-balance a general graph. In this paper, we design two distributed algorithm to group-balance directed and undirected graphs respectively, and prove the validity of the algorithms via both theoretical analysis and example illustrations.

杨繁, 于俊燕, 高玉兰, 禹梅, 邵晋梁. 群平衡化赋权有向图/无向图的分布式算法研究[J]. 应用数学进展, 2016, 5(3): 472-486. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/AAM.2016.53058


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