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    Analysis on the Development Status of Chinese Comparative Education

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Chinese Comparative Education; Disciplinary Institution; Academic Study; Development Status.



Chinese comparative education has made great progress recently in disciplinary institutions and academic studies. In disciplinary institutions, there’re subject courses of comparative education in concerned normal colleges, the academic society and journals have also been established, and annual comparative educa-tion meetings are organized by some scholars. In academic studies, this paper analyzes the “comparative edu-cation”, which is the core journal of comparative education finally we have the following conclusion. First, many papers refer to more than one hundred countries and areas in field, including developed countries and developing countries, what’s more, some scholars pay attention to European and African education. Second, the higher education, curriculum and teaching are also the themes that are emphasized, at the same time, the abroad education is another theme in papers. Third, the discipline construction has become an important part.

高东慧. 中国比较教育的发展现状分析[J]. 教育进展, 2011, 1(3): 103-107.