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    An Analysis of the Compulsory Educational Burden of Family in Poor Rural Areas

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Poor Rural Area; Educational Burden of Family; Compulsory Education Policy



Based on the survey of the Project “On the Family Compulsory Educational Burden in Poor Rural Areas of Minority Region” which was funded by Ministry of Education, the analysis indicates that implement of free compulsory education policy has alleviated the burden of family education in poor rural areas, so some of the rural families begin voluntarily inputting educational expenditure with “spare cash”, which has greatly improved the level of educational investment. However, families in poor rural areas still have heavier burden and the burden of family with boarder students is particularly heavy. The state living allowance provided for boarders did not completely alleviate the burden of family. Currently, “rural family entry city for children’s studying” is becoming the main factor contributed to the burden on family education. Government need extend the free education and strengthen the foundation and fasten improving the rural education quality.

武向荣. 农村贫困地区家庭义务教育阶段教育负担研究[J]. 教育进展, 2012, 2(2): 11-16.