AE  >> Vol. 2 No. 3 (July 2012)


俞 琴:浙江省安吉县昌硕高级中学

文学教育经典素养 Literature; Education; Classical; Attainment



Education is inseparable from the literature education, but in the new century, with the development of economy, we have ignored the importance of literature education in Chinese teaching, just because of the college entrance examination reform, which causes the learning to be more utilitarian. So it has become im- minent to carry out literature education in middle school. As the main body of education, we should have a certain literary attainments and use different means of teaching to make literature education more effective, such as helping students choose some classic reading, stimulating students’ writing desire and creating more ways to communication. In that case, we don’t have to worry that classic literature will become downfallen among the students in the new era.

俞琴. 中学文学教育之我见[J]. 教育进展, 2012, 2(3): 56-59.