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    Expression of Imprinted Genes Igf2r and RB-1 in the Endometrium of Infertile Women with Metabolic Syndrome

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王俊豪,阮 钰:北京大学深圳医院生殖医学科,深圳;汕头大学医学院,汕头;
李 蓉:北京大学深圳医院生殖医学科,深圳

印迹基因Igf2rRB-1代谢综合征 Imprinted Genes; Igf2r; RB-1; Metabolic Syndrome


目的:研究印记基因Igf2rRB-1在代谢综合征(MS)不孕患者子宫内膜的表达。方法:选择20117月至201112月因不孕症来我院生殖中心就诊的MS患者11例作为实验组,代谢正常女性15例作为对照组,收集分泌期的子宫内膜组织,采用实时定量聚合酶链反应方法(RT-PCR)测定子宫内膜组织Igf2rRB-1的表达水平。结果Igf2rRB-1MS患者和代谢正常妇女子宫内膜中均有表达,与正常女性相比较,MS患者子宫内膜Igf2r表达水平下降(P = 0.0051)RB-1表达水平升高(P = 0.0364),具有显著性差异。结论MS不孕患者子宫内膜组织印记基因Igf2r表达水平明显下降,RB-1表达水平明显升高,两者可能影响MS患者的子宫内膜容受性。

Objective: To investigate expression of imprinted genes Igf2r, RB-1 inthe endometrium of infertile women with metabolic syndrome (MS). Methods: From Jul. 2011 to Dec.2011 inour center, 11 infecund women with metabolic abnormalities were experimental group, a matched group of 15 normal women was choosed. Collected their prolife rative phase endometrial tissue, using real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to measure the ex- pressions of Igf2r and Rb-1 inthe endometrium. Results: Igf2r and RB-1 were both expressed in the endometrium of MS and normal women. Compared with the normal women, the expression of Igf2r in the endometrium of MS was decreased (P = 0.0051), while the expression of RB-1 was incresed (P = 0.0364), significant differences were observed between experimental group and matched group. Conclusions: The expression of imprinted gene Igf2r in the endo- metrium of infertile women with MS was decreased significantly, while the expression of RB-1 was increased, the 2 imprinted genes may impair the function of endometrium of MS.


王俊豪, 阮钰, 李蓉. 印记基因Igf2r和RB-1在代谢综合征不孕患者子宫内膜表达水平的研究[J]. 临床医学进展, 2012, 2(4): 27-31.


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