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    Design and Evaluation of the Compliant Structure for a Quadruped Robot

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四足机器人柔顺结构动态运动中枢模式发生器Quadruped Robot; Compliant Structure; Dynamic Walking; Central Pattern Generator



It can cause large ground impact force and postural instability when a rigid quadruped robot walks on the ground. To improve walking performances, a bio-inspired compliant structure was designed for a quadruped robot, which features four elastic legs and two flexible waist joints. The elastic legs are composed of a linear sliding pair con-strained by compression spring at the end of each leg. The flexible waist is constituted with two rotating joints in roll and yaw, which are constrained by torsion springs. A center pattern generator (CPG) model was established, used as the trajectory planner of the robot. Mechanical analysis and physcial experiments were combined to determine the stiffness of all the springs. Comparative experiments show that the elastic legs can effectively reduce the ground impact force and the flexible waist can decrease the swing of the body, which contribute to achieve higher postural stability when the quadruped robot walks on the ground.

李冬冬, 张秀丽, 周坤玲, 龚加庆. 四足机器人结构柔顺化设计与性能评价[J]. 人工智能与机器人研究, 2013, 2(1): 1-9.


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