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    The Genotype-Oriented Therapy Changed the Therapy Mode of Metastatic NSCLC

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李 娟,朱步东:北京大学肿瘤医院日间病房,北京;

非小细胞肺癌治疗 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC); Therapy (Treatment)


随着肿瘤驱动基因与临床关系的认识深化,转移性非小细胞肺癌(non-small cell lung cancer, NSCLC)的治疗模式发生了革命性变化,患者的生存得益显著改善。治疗模式由过去的化疗过渡到基因型导向结合化疗治疗模式。与此同时,维持治疗、二线治疗、免疫化学(特别是抗体)治疗的临床研究活跃。作者阐述和分析了上述NSCLC治疗现状和进展。

With the deepening acknowledge on the relation between tumour driver genomes and clinical treatment, NSCLC therapy has revolutionary changed. So this kind of patients could survive more comfortably. The treatment mode changed from chemotherapy to the combining treatment of genotype-oriented and chemotherapy. Meanwhile, the clinical researches of maintenance treatment, second-line treatment, immunochemistry (especially the antibody) treatment carried out vibrantly. The author expounds and analyzes the current situation and progress in NSCLC treatments.

李娟, 张力建, 王跃辉, 朱步东. 以基因型为导向治疗改变了转移性非小细胞肺癌治疗模式[J]. 临床医学进展, 2013, 3(1): 5-9.


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