cles.aspx?searchCode=%e6%b3%a2%e5%89%8d%e8%a7%a3&searchField=keyword&page=1' target='_blank'>波前解;上下解方法 Prey-Predator Fishery Model; Stability; Linearized Method; Traveling Wavefront; Upper andLower Solution



Abstract: In this work, we introduce the bio-economic harvesting of a prey-predator fishery diffusion model with toxicity in which both the species are infected by some toxicants released by some other species. We obtain some results for the locally asymptotical stability of the nonnegative constant equilibria, and the global stability of the unique positive equilibrium is also obtained by constructing suitable Lyapunov function. Numerical simulations are illustrated to confirm our rigorous results. Finally, via the upper and lower solution method, we also show the existence of traveling wave fronts connecting the zero solution with the positive equilibrium of this system.

文章引用: 段彩霞, 杜鹏, 廖新元. 一类渔业生态扩散系统的动力性分析[J]. 应用数学进展, 2013, 2(3): 127-134.

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