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    The Effect of Pollution and Capture on Biotic Population System

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张丽娟,刘艳艳,张艳芳:防灾科技学院, 三河

种群环境污染捕获持续生存绝灭Population; Environmental Pollution; Capture; Persistence; Extinction



Some biological aspects are not only affected by environmental pollution, but also have to meet the need of human being capture. Thus the biotic population problem in the environmental pollution has been taken so much attention. This paper has studied the dynamic model of a class of population living in a pol- luted environment. Based on the existing results, we have established new model with the effect of population variables on organisms and environmental toxins concentration, and with the nonlinear intrinsic growth rate and the population trapping. We have also obtained the sufficient and necessary conditions for the uniform persistence and extinction of population.

张丽娟, 刘艳艳, 张艳芳. 污染与捕获对种群系统的影响分析[J]. 运筹与模糊学, 2013, 3(3): 23-27. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/ORF.2013.33004