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    Study of the Influence of the Slope Interfaces upon the Image Quality of Liquid Optical Lens

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戴 玉,周 英,方立平,刘 军,陈淑芬,辛建国:北京理工大学光电学院;

电润湿效应固相界面形态液滴形变液体透镜Electro-Wetting Effect; Interface Shape of Solid Phase; Deformation of Droplet; Liquid Lens


在液态可控的光学器件中,液滴的形态变化对于器件的变焦范围和成像质量有着很大的影响,不同电压下固相界面形状对液体形变的影响规律是设计液态光学器件的基础。根据拉普拉斯方程,并将重力对液体形态的影响考虑在内,建立了基于介质的电润湿效应下液滴形状的理论模型。利用数值计算的方法求解拉普拉斯方程,给出了静态液滴形状和不同电压下的液滴形状,并对比了不同固相界面形态下,液滴形状的变化。结果显示,固相界面形态为平面时,液滴形变的光学焦距理论上可以从67.2 mm变到无穷远。固相界面形态为圆锥斜面时,变焦范围则与固相界面形态相关,可以实现正负透镜的变焦转换。

The deformation of droplet plays a significant role in influencing focus range and image quality of liquid controllable optical devices. According to Laplace Equation, the shape model of droplet is established based on the electro-wetting effect on dielectric. In this paper, the influence of gravity on the droplet deformation is taken into account. Using numerical calculation methods, the shape of static droplet and the deformation of droplet when external voltage is applied are deduced theoretically. Deformations of droplet which are applied with different voltages are compared. Theoretical analysis shows that the focal length of droplet changes from67.2 mmto infinity as solid phase is planar. As the solid phase is conical surface, the zoom range of droplet is related to the cone angle, and the transition from the negative lens to the positive lens can be realized.

戴玉, 周英, 方立平, 刘军, 陈淑芬, 陈家斌, 辛建国. 电润湿效应下不同固相界面的液滴形态的研究[J]. 应用物理, 2012, 2(4): 159-162.


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