SE  >> Vol. 3 No. 2 (April 2013)

    The Development and Applications of Organic Rankine Cycle Electrical Generating Systems in Taiwan

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全球暖化有机朗肯循环地热能废热回收Global Warming; Organic Rankine Cycle; Geothermal Energy; Waste Heat Recovery


为求节能减碳、应全球暖化、及促进能源再利用,台湾正积极发展绿色能源产业。有机朗肯循环(Organic Rankine Cycle, ORC)发电技术、为目前用于低温热能转换为电力之最经济有效之方式,开发单位有中央研究院物理研究所、工业技术研究院及相关配合厂商等,目前ORC发电系统已能完全自制。已应用于宜兰的地热能发电、壹石油化学公司的冷凝水废热回收发电等。

In order to ease the global warming effect created by the mass production of carbon oxide, reducing energy consumption via energy recovery becomes an inevitable measure. At present, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) electrical generating system is recognized to be one of the most economic and efficient approaches to convert low grade thermal energy to electricity. Several research institutes including InstituteofPhysics, Academia Sinica, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and some industrial companies are engaged in the development of practical application of ORC. The ORC electrical generating systems have been developed and fabricated for the applications of geothermal energy at Yilan and industrial waste heat recovery at a petrochemical company. In this report, the details of development and application of ORC in Taiwan will be illustrated thoroughly.

陈国鋕, 陈洋元, 郭启荣, 李毓仁, 李新庆, 许保新, 高启综, 贾志中. 台湾有机朗肯循环发电系统的发展与应用[J]. 可持续能源, 2013, 3(2): 27-32.