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    Extreme Hydrological Event Concept and Its Analysis and Application in the Small Watershed

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胡彩虹,杨 帆,李析男:郑州大学水利与环境学院

极端水文事件阈值流域Extreme Hydrological Event; Threshold Value; Watershed


本文在对洪水与枯水事件特点进行归纳总结的基础上,结合极端气候事件的定义方法,初步定义了极端水文事件的概念,并确定了研究流域极端水文事件阈值的方法,对鲇鱼山水库控制流域1975~1999年极端水文事件的整体变化趋势及规律进行了实例分析,极端洪水事件阈值Ef211.64 m3/s(日流量),枯水事件阈值El338.1 × 104 m3(枯水总量),结果表明,研究时段内极端水文事件变化趋势不明显。

Based on the characteristics of flood and low water events, and combined with the definition of extreme weather events method, the concept of extreme hydrological event was preliminarily defined, and the method of extreme hydrological event threshold value was determined on the research basin. The trend and regularity of extreme hydrological event were analyzed in the Nianyushan reservoir control basin. The results show that threshold of extreme flood events in Nianyushan reservoir is 211.64 m3/s, and low flow is 338.1 × 104 m3. Extreme hydrological events change trend is not obvious in the study time series.

胡彩虹, 杨帆, 李析男. 极端水文事件概念内涵及其在小流域的分析应用[J]. 水资源研究, 2013, 2(3): 171-180. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/JWRR.2013.23025


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