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    Study on Switching Algorithm of Transducer Based on Energy-Saving

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邢 鸣:江苏镇安电力设备有限公司,镇江

变频器节能谐波负载率Transducer; Energy-Saving; Harmonic; Load Rate



To achieve the purpose of energy conservation, frequency conversion velocity regulators are usually added in power devices. However, the harmonic losses are also caused by those regulators. The relationship between the loss rate and the load rate is derived from the formula. Calculate the load rate when the loss rate is the smallest, and then get the total power consumption of the power equipment. Design the digital PID controller and research the feedback algo- rithms of the power-saving optimization, the inverter switching algorithm can be finally achieved through the designing and developing of the software process.

李建科, 金伟一, 钱淑华, 陈静静, 邢鸣. 基于节能目的的变频调速器投切算法的研究[J]. 电力与能源进展, 2013, 1(3): 122-126.


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