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    Health Risk Assessment on Heavy Metal Pollution in the Water Environment of Dayihe River

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大沂河重金属健康风险评价Dayihe River; Heavy Metals; Health Risk Assessment


对山东曲阜市大沂河地表水中的铜、铅、镉、锌、锰5种重金属进行了健康风险评价,应用美国环境保护局推荐的健康风险评价模型,分别计算出化学致癌物和非致癌物的风险等级,评价了各种重金属通过饮水途径及皮肤接触途径所致的健康风险。结果表明健康风险的大小依次为Cd > Pb > Cu > Mn > Zn,大沂河水体中此5种重金属所导致的年健康风险水平超过国际辐射防护委员会推荐的最大可接受风险水平5.0×10−5a−1,因此应该提高水体质量,以减少水体中重金属污染对人体健康的伤害,维护生态平衡和人类的可持续发展。

The paper introduced the research of the water environmental health risk assessment of Cu, Pb, Cd, Zn, Mn in Dayihe River in Shandong province based on the model for water environmental health risk analysis recommended by the United States Environment Protection Agency. The levels of risk about chemical carcinogen and non chemical carcinogen were calculated respectively. The health risk caused by drinking water and dermal contact was evaluated. The results show that the order of risk is Cd > Pb > Cu > Mn > Zn, and the total health risk for individual person per year caused by five heavy metals is higher than the maximum tolerable value of 5.0 × 10−5a−1 recommended by ICRP. In order to decrease the damage to human health and maintain the ecological balance and sustainable development of human beings, the water quality should be improved.

于霞, 彭文博. 曲阜市大沂河水体重金属污染及健康风险评价[J]. 水污染及处理, 2013, 1(1): 1-6. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/WPT.2013.11001