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    Cognitive Engine of Case-Based Reasoning Based on VC ++ 6.0 and SQL

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武国平,沈 雷,刘 源,张璐苹:杭州电子科级大学通信工程学院

VC++SQL 2008案例推理认识无线电VC++; SQL 2008; Case-Based Reasoning; Cognitive Radio




This paper aims to use the cases of SQL 2008 database storage, multi-objective optimization results and eco- nomic benefit of functions, to solve the application problems of dynamic resource allocation based on case-based rea- soning with optimization process displayed dynamically in MFC interface. VC++6.0 visit SQL2008 database by ADO database access technology, go through the date in case database, choose the execution plan most matching with envi- ronmental database, implement the optimization algorithm, sent the optimized parameters configuration to database output module, and finally update case database by optimized parameters and utility value. Practice shows that this scheme is effective because it can select optimization algorithm dynamically, conduct case update and optimization pro- cedure and it leads to the dynamic resource allocation of cognitive radio.

武国平, 沈雷, 刘源, 张璐苹. 基于VC++6.0和数据库的案例推理认知引擎[J]. 无线通信, 2013, 3(5): 110-114. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/HJWC.2013.35017


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