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    A Sorting Algorithm Based on Threshold and Its Application in OFDM

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何 伟,郭 军,杨鸿文:北京邮电大学,北京

排序门限均方误差正交频分多路复用Sorting; Threshold; MSE; OFDM


With the rapid development of technology, sort algorithm is not limited in computer areas any longer. More and more outstanding sort algorithm begins to be applied in wireless communications. OFDM needs to select good subcarrier channel conditions for data transmission. Traditional sort methods, including bubble sort and insertion sort, aim to find n best channels. Its disadvantage is that the complexity is high. This paper proposed a sorting algorithm based on threshold which sets a threshold by means of adaptive threshold and get elements that are better than the threshold. The proposed method can significantly reduce the complexity. The simulation results based on different data sample can prove that the proposed method can be better close to the ideal sort. Especially when used in OFDM sub- carrier selection, channel capacity performance is very close.

何伟, 郭军, 杨鸿文. 一种基于门限的排序算法及其在OFDM中的应用[J]. 无线通信, 2013, 3(6): 129-133. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/HJWC.2013.36020


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