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    “动词 + がいい”句型及相关辨析
    The Sentence Pattern “Verb + がいい”and Some Related Distinctions

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积极消极语气接续 Positive; Negative; Tone; Continue



がいい sentence should normally be put behind the body words or the words which have body-made meanings, however the situations that the verb directly connects “がいい also exist. Many Japanese grammar books do not mention this usage; although some books treat it as an independent sentence, they do not give enough details. To be able to analyze the characteristics of this type of sentence, the author have collected more than 140 sentences. These sentences are mainly selected from the Beijing Center for Japanese Studies, all publications in Sino-Japanese translation corpus, Japanese grammar books and the Internet.

桂雨薇. “动词 + がいい”句型及相关辨析[J]. 现代语言学, 2013, 1(3): 125-129.