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    A Novel Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Robust Local Binary Pattern

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靳 薇:北京市新技术应用研究所,北京

人脸识别鲁棒的局部二值模式Robust函数马氏距离Face Recognition; Robust Local Binary Pattern; Robust Function; Mahalanobis Distance



This paper is aimed at solving the problems that LBP feature contains outlier and the dimension of LBP fea- ture is too high, and a fast and effective face recognition algorithm based on Robust Local Binary Pattern is proposed. The main idea of RobustLBP is setting a Robust function on the basis of original LBP. First, it calculates the Maha- lanobis distance between the mean vector and every dimension as the argument of Robust function and estimates a set of important information by making Robust function convergence. Then, it obtains a transformation matrix which is used to reject outlier of original feature by using the information. Lastly, it compares the Chi-square distance among the features after reducing dimension in order to complete face recognition. Extensive experiments on FERET, CAS- PEAL-R1 and LFW face databases validate the effectiveness of face recognition.

程雷鸣, 其木苏荣, 靳薇. 基于鲁棒的局部二值模式人脸识别算法[J]. 计算机科学与应用, 2013, 3(8): 344-348. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/CSA.2013.38060


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